Air Dental

Cloud Dental Laboratory

If digital dentistry is our inevitable future , why not start now ?


Platform Description

AirDental is an online order system specifically created for digital dental industry. Regardless of clinics, labs or digital production centers, Inteware cloud system can provide service for you.

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● Feature 1

Online order covering orthodontics, implant and prostheses.

● Feature 2

Online measurement. Free to generate professional report any time and anywhere.

● Feature 3

Online design. No longer to communicate on papers. You can directly adjust the design online.

● Feature 4

Online communication. Images, texts, and all kinds of files can be sent.

● Feature 5

Online payment supporting Paypal, WeChat, KakaoTalk, etc.

Functional Advantages

AirDental allows the dentists and dental labs to collaborate on dental cases on cloud-based platform. You can share case files and information without regional and timezone restrictions, instantly take part in case workflow, communicate, modify the design, and track the case status on AirDental freely at any time. Not only does AirDental let your daily work simpler, it makes case workflow faster and more efficient.


■ Track the status of each case

Easily track your dental cases and receive notifications for production status anywhere and anytime.

■ Create case presciptions

On AirDental, you can create case presciptions based on treatment requirements for orthodontics, implant and prostheses.


■ Add patient photos to the dental case

You can add patient photos to case presciptions and share with dental lab.

■ Submit dental cases to dental lab

After creating the case, click to submit to the dental lab.


■ Comminucate via Messager

Dentists and dental lab can communicate through built-in messager. Each case has a separate chat room to communicate more clearly.

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■ Know About 【Cloud Dental Laboratory】

Cloud Dental Laboratory lets dentists start new cases with ease, keep track of the progress of each dental case and provide feedback at any time and everywhere. From case entry to case delivery, this cloud platform integrates online and offline dental case workflow and case information, allowing dental technicians to manage production process more effectively, and assign the appropriate technician to handle each case, and making the production more efficiently.

Platform Specifications

Browser requirements Google Chrome / Firefox / Safari
Ram 4GB