Dental Milling Machine
Roland 42W

A same day service starts now


Product Description

Roland DWX 42W is Inteware's select chairside wet dental mill for dental clinic, designed for a same day service.
It can mill glass ceramics ( e.max CAD ) and composite resin ( VITA ). It takes only 30 minutes to mill crowns, inlay / onlays or veneers.
This desktop mill is easy to operate and supports automatic calibration. It can house 6 milling burs and mill 3 blocks at the same time.

● High-speed production with proprietary DGSHAPE spindle

● Expanded 6-tool Automatic Tool Changer for uninterrupted milling

● LAN capable for easy connectivity

● Included VPanel for easy monitoring of milling jobs and tools

Functional Advantages

■ A Mill That Fits Your Needs

Dental Lab

▼ Expanded production by adding a standalone wet-milling option, designed for glass ceramic and composite resin.
▼ Have the same open architecture flexibility and high-quality performance as DGSHAPE dry mills, in a wet-milling configuration.
▼ Offer on-demand production of high-esthetic dental prosthetics.



▼ Offer the patient a same day service with ultra-precise prosthetics- produced with a easy-to-operate machine and simplified workflow.
▼ Open architecture allows seamless integration with existing scanning devices.
▼ Designed to combine with the DGSHAPE d-CLINIC solution.


■ Specially Designed Spindle

1. Air pressure needed is reduced by 50%.

2. Designed and built by DGSHAPE— using over 35-years of cutting-edge engineering excellence.

3. A robust, all-metal spindle offers solid performance and maximum efficiency.

4. Doesn’t require a high-volume compressor— perfect for clinic.

■ Elevated Performance

1. 50% faster than previous generation DGSHAPE wet mill.

2. New-designed noozzles and coolant tank.

3. Brand new burs offer greater stability and fine milling quality.

4. 6-station automatic tool changer ( ATC ) for uninterrupted production.

5. Specially Engineered dual filters require replacement less often, saving cost and time.


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Product Requirements

Product DWX-42W
Millable materials Glass ceramics, Composite resin, PMMA
Loadable workpiece shape Width-Maximum 40 mm; Depth-Maximum 20mm; Height-Maximum 20mm
Operating speed 0.24 to 70.9 in./min. (6 to 1,800 mm/min.)
Spindle speed 15,000 to 60,000 rpm
Rotary axis travel angle A axis ±360°
Number of burs supported 6
Attachable bur shank diameter 3 mm, dedicated milling bur
Compatible compressed air 0.3MPA or more
Interface USB, Ethernet(10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX automatic switching)
Control command set RML-1, NC code
Power requirements AC 100 to 240V 10%, 50 / 60Hz (overvoltage category II, IEC 60664-1)
Power consumption Approximately 190W
Operating noise during operation: 70dB(A) or less (when not cutting); During standby: 48dB(A) or less
External dimensions Width 19.0x Depth 22.0x Height 23.6 in. (Width 482 x Depth 560 x Height 600 mm)
Weight 135 lbs. (61kg)
Installation environment Indoor use, Altitude up to 6.562 ft.(2,000m); Temperature 5 to 28°C (41 to 82%F); Humidity 35 to 80%RH (no condensation); Ambient pollution degree 2(as specified by IEC60664-1); Short-term temporary overvoltage 1,440V; Long-term temporary overvoltage 490 V.
Included items Power cord, USB cable, Roland DG Software Package CD, setup guide, drain hoses, dedicated milling burs (4), detection pin, dummy pin, rotary axis correction jig, ATC magazine correction jig and screw, hexagonal screwdriver, hexagonal wrench, measuring cup, mounting screws (4), milling bur removal jig, coolant tank, waste receptacle, filters (2), regulator with stay and screws (2), maintenance kit, daily maintenance card, 6 mm air hose, coolant additive, MillBox CAM software, Ethernet cable



Dental Milling Machine
Roland 52D

The world's most popular universal 5-axis dental mill


Product Description

Roland DWX 52D is Inteware's select 5-axis dry mill for dental laboratory. It is capable of milling all kinds of dental discs, such as zirconia, wax, PMMA, and PEEK. The applications include bridges, zirconia abutment, zirconia implant bar, denture, etc.

This desktop milling machine is easy to operate and supports automatic calibration. It can house 15 milling burs and perform 5-axis simultaneous multi-case operation.

● 5-axis Milling

Ball screw-driven system with 5-axis positioning or simultaneous operation.

● Intelligent Tool Changer (ITC)

Knows which tool to automatically swap out when tools have reached their designated lifespan.

● Ionizer

Reduce static and dust when working with PMMA.

● Clean Milling Environment

Mill clean with high-efficient internal dust collection and an automatic cleaning brush.

● Air Pressure

Air pressure is automatically adjusted based on the CAM material data.

● Virtual Machine Panel(VPanel)

A user-friendly VPanel enables easy production and device monitoring including auto calibration function.

Functional Advantages

■ Reliable dental milling now comes with highly efficiency

Roland's DGSHAPE takes thirty-years of reliability and innovation and combines it with higher level of production and efficiency to meet the needs of today's growing lab business.


■ Efficient Milling Set-up

A new Snap-In Clamp System for disc changing includes six material adapters and offers a fast and secure set-up—eliminating mounting errors and minimizing damage during disc insertion. With the Snap-In Clamp System, reinserted material adaptors keep discs indexed to their original position for production that requires secondary milling or two-stage processing. In addition, the DWX-52D features built-in storage drawers and an included disc adapter rack to ensure a highly organized and efficient workspace.

Snap-In Clamp System enables multi-device adapter integration. The same material adapters can be used on the DWX-52D, DWX-52DC and DWX-52DCi for a convenient and scalable milling solution.

■ Increased Milling Capabilities

The DWX-52D provides continuous milling with a 15-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) and auto-adjusted air pressure that automatically switches to the right air volume in response to the CAM software material data. Other enhanced features include automatic dust collection when opening the front cover to keep dust away from your lab surfaces and to support a clean and healthy environment.


■ 5-Axis Milling

The smooth and steady ball screw-driven system produces exceptional results. DWX-52D simultaneously rotates and tilts discs for deep undercuts, and milling large arch restorations and other full-mouth prosthetics with ease.

■ Replaceable Spindle by Users

The spindle of DWX-52D can be replaced in just a few minutes, without the need to call a technician. No special tools, testing or training is required.


■ Optional accessories to optimize production

1. Keep the materials organized and ready for production with an included disk adapter rack.

2. Included pin adapter for holding up to eight pin-type blocks.

3. Add additional adapters for a quicker setup and a well-organized workflow.

4. Carbide, diamond and hybrid milling tools are available on the Roland DGA Store (0.3mm, 0.6mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm).

5. Clear away material waste during milling with optional BOFA DustPro vacuum unit.

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Product Requirements

Product DWX-52D
Millable materials Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, Composite resin, PEEK, Gypsum, Glass fiber reinforced resin, Chrome Cobalt sintered metal
Loadable workpiece shape External Diameter-98.5mm; Max Height- 60mm; Step- 10mm; Pin Type Diameter- 6mm
Loadable workpiece weight up to 850g
Number of adapters housed 6
Operating speed XYZ axis : 6 to 1,800 mm / min. (0.24 to 70.9 in./min.)
Spindle motor Brushless DC Motor
Spindle speed 6,000 to 30,000 rpm
Rotary axis travel angle A axis ±360° ; B axis ±30°
Number of burs supported 15
Attachable bur shank diameter 4mm; Length 40-55 mm
Compatible compressed air 0.05 / 0.2 MP (Automatic switch)
Interface USB
Control command set RML-1, NC code
Power requirements AC 100 V to 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 A(overvoltage category II, IEC60664-1)
Power consumption Approximately 200W
Operating noise During operation : 70 dB (A) or less (when not cutting); During standby : 45 dB(A) or less
External dimensions Width 19.5 x Depth 26.0 x Height 23.6 in. (Width 495 x Depth 660 x Height 600 mm)
Weight 147.7 ibs. (67 kg)
Installation environment Altitude up to 6.562 ft. (2,000m); Temperature 41 to 104°F (5 to 40°C); Humidity 35 to 80% (no condensation); Ambient pollution degree 2 (as specified by IEC 60664-1): Short-term temporary overvoltage 1,440V; Long-term temporary overvoltage 490V
Included items Power cord, power plug adapter, USB cable, manuals, Roland DG software package CD, detection pin, automatic correction jig, pin-type material adapter, hexagonal driver, spanner, milling bur holders, milling bur positioner, dust collection hoses, dust collection hose adapter, regulator, cleaning tool, option adapter labels, material adapters, material adapter rack
Operating system Windows®7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 or 64 bit)
USB cable Use the included USB cable



Dental Milling Machine
X-MILL 300

Capable of producing dental metal accessories


Product Description

X-MILL 300 is Inteware's select 4-axis wet mill for dental laboratory, designed for the production of customized abutment, allowing you to easily manufacture dental metal accessories.

It can mill titanium alloy and aluminum alloy and manufacture scan body, customized abutment, or veneers in only 30 minutes.

This desktop milling machine is easy to operate with automatic bur length measurement function. It can house 6 milling burs and mill 3 blocks at the same time.

Functional Advantages


■ Industrial Grade Spindle

1. 1.5KW high power spindle.

2. The compressor generally used in dental lab supports the operation of this milling machine.

3. Strong structure and stable metal milling capability.

■ Accessories

1. General industrial blaser can be used.

2. Inteware's recommended milling burs from Taiwan can mill 40 abutment continuously.

3. Japanese titanium bar is recommended by Inteware since the cost of producing 1 abutment is about 5 USD.


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Product Requirements

Product X-MILL 300
Dimension 730 x 720 x 620 mm
Weight 150 kg
Input voltage Single phase 220V
Max power 2.2 KW
Spindle power 1.5 KW
Axis quantity 4 axis
Milling range XYZ : 125 / 130 / 80 mm; 360° (±20° )
Milling mode wet or dry milling
Max speed 60,000rpm
Max feeding speed 6000mm / min
Material thickness 10-25 mm
Bur capacity 6
Bur changing automataic
Spindle cooling water cooling
Materials zirconia, wax, PMMA, glass ceramics(optional), premill abutment(optional)
Average milling time
(anterior one-unit)
zirconia : 8mins; wax : 3mins; glass ceramic : 15mins; premill abutment : 16mins