Intraoral Scanner

Boost digital dentistry


Platform Description

AoralscanTM adopts digital impression taking method. It integrates simple operation procedures, patient comfort experience and ideal scanning results, allowing dentists or technicians to easily obtain digital impressions.

● Powderless

No need for powder, guaranteeing a simplified scanning process and improving patients' comfort.

● Realistic Color

Real-time scan, realistic color, a clear margin line, and a real doctor-patient visual experience.

● Easy Operation

Supporting motion-sensing operation.

● Intelligent Scanning

Self-developed scanning software integrating rich data processing function allows the users to easily access high-quality digital impression.

Functional Advantages


■ Safe and Compact

Lightweight and compact. Comfortable to handle. Equipped with 2 high-temperature sterilizable scanning tip to achieve good clinical control.

■ Intelligent Scanning

Self-developed scanning software integrates rich data processing, ensuring users to easily obtain high-quality digital impression.


■ Rich Clinic Toolkit

The clinical toolkit can help users to evaluate the scanned data at clinics, including detecting undercuts, detecting occlusion, extracting margin lines, adjusting coordinates, marking teeth, etc. This facilitates effective communication between clinics and dental labs while saving time, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness for design and restoration fabrication.


▼ Detect undercuts


▼ Check bite


▼ Extract margin lines


▼ Adjust coordinates


▼ Mark teeth


▼ Margin line is recognizable when importing to exocad

■ Multiple Indications

Aoralscan intraoral scanner supports scanning applications in three areas: implantation, restoration, and orthodontics, including single crowns, inlays/onlays, bridges, veneers, orthodontics, implants, etc.


Single crowns


Inlays / onlays






3-unit bridges



■ Cloud Data Platform

After completing intraoral scan, you can directly upload and download data, as well as communicate to confirm the design through the platform. It can realize the real-time tracking of material orders which provides a good digital platform for the dentist-technician cooperation.

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Platform Specifications

Product AoralscanTM intraoral scanner
Scanning Speed <15 frames per second (video-based)
Scanning temperature 10°C~40°C (Too high or low temperature may affect the scanning accuracy)
Weight 21.5kg
Data Output STL,OBJ
Interface USB 3.0
Power Supply DC12V 1.67A



Intraoral Scanner

Medit i500

A big stride toward dental dentistry


Platform Description

Medit i500 is a dental intraoral scanner for digital dentistry. Medit i500 and its accompanying software are easy to operate and understand for all users. It is simple to incorporate this system into your dental clinic or dental lab.
Medit i500 and iScan perfectly combines software and hardware.

● High ROI

● Open Architecture

● Fast Scanning

● Powderless

● Small Tip

● Vivid Color

● Brand-new Blue Projector Light

Functional Advantages


■ User-friendly Interface

The user interface in the software is simple, allowing you to scan easily and have more time to diagnose and treat the patients.

■ Undercut Area Analysis

You can analyze the undercut according to the insertion which can be set automatically or manually.


■ Automatic Bite Alignmenet

iScan software can automatically perform bite alignment through simple bite scan.

■ Occlusion Analysis

The oclcusion relationship between the maxilla and mandible is shown with color map.


■ Lock Area

Locked area will not be updated by further scanning. This function is used to fix retracted gingiva after immediate scanning as it might collapse. The locked surface can still be trimmed, and the deleted locked area can be re-scanned.

■ HD Camera

Take 2D image without taking 3D data and share the images.


■ Medit Link

Medit Link is a cloud technology developed by Medit to improve the overall management, including workflow management and communicatin tool. The integrated cloud storage and open data architecture ensure the performance of your clinic is optimized and your daily manufacturing process is supported throuhg timely workflow management and communication tools.

■ Dash Boards

Medit Link interface is simple and clear, allowing you to view all the data at a glance, and track all the order information, including related costs, scan types and patient return rate, helping you manage data easily and establish good communication with partners.


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Platform Specifications

Product Medit i500 intraoral scanner
Tip Size <18 x 15.2 mm
Weight 276g
Overall handpiece length 266mm
3D in-motion scan
3D full-color streaming capture 2 x 1 / 3.6” CMOS
Open system
Connectivity USB 3.0



Intraoral Scanner

3Shape TRIOS

Beyond your imagination
More than just a digital impression


Platform Description

TRIOS intraoral scanning solution allows you to say goodbye to conventional impression. It comes with award-winning TRIOS scanning technology, enabling a simple scan-and-send workflow through this open system.
Superior intraoral scanning technology takes you beyond scanning by enhancing patient's acceptance of proposed treatment. TRIOS pleases the patients with Smile Design and Treatment Simulator, and fabricate in-house with Studio apps. It seamlessly integrates with scanning, planning, designing with production by trusted third-party milling machines and 3D printers.
Superior scanning technology.

● Realistic Color

High-quality and realistic-color digital impression, and reliable shade measurement are used to evaluate treatment outcomes and improve the communication with patients.

● Dynamic Occlusion

To perfect your restoration, TRIOS Patient Specific Motion enables you to record the various occlusal positions and display the occlusal contact points to help grasp the patient-specific occlusal movement.

● Proven High Accuracy

18 studies in vivo and in vitro (between 2015 and 2018) have shown higher accuracy for TRIOS compared with conventional impression and/or impression made with other intraoral scanners for full arch, single unit and multiple-unit restorations.

● AI for Simple Scanning

The latest Artificial Intelligence scanning technology makes scannig process easier by identifying and removing excess soft tissue from digital impression.

Functional Advantages


■ Unrivaled Open System

Choosing an open system allows you to access the latest technology, material, partners and prices. When sending TRIOS scans, you can select your preferred partners and there are more than 20,000 labs to choose from. It ensures you the most cost-effective option.

■ Attract patients and enhance patient's acceptance of treatment

Show patients the smile after the treatment to help enhance the treatment acceptance.


TRIOS Smile Design

Use TRIOS Smile Design to show patient the after-treatment smile. Take a photo of the patient and show the smile in just minutes.


Enable patients to inspect digital image remotely to enhance treatment acceptance

Have patients use the My3Shape app to inspect treatment and encourage them to share or discuss with friends and family.

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